Tell Human Resources you want BuzzBox Barbers. It's Good for Them and Great for You!
Below is a quick copy and paste for you to send to your HR department to expedite BuzzBox coming to your location. Thanks for the help.
I wanted to tell you about a novel idea that has just launched. It's called BuzzBox Mobile Barbershop. A "Barbershop-in-a-Box" is what they call themselves. They will come onsite to our parking lot once a month to provide haircutting. It is convenient, saves time and increases productivity by keeping staff on campus. This idea could help with employee retention and continue to have our company stand out as an employer of choice with innovation and creative solutions... and we would all look much better!
As BuzzBox says, "At your Site... At your Service".
Here is their contact info to start the conversation:
Thanks for listening.