About BuzzBoxBarbers.com
It Started With A Simple Idea... "Let's Bring A Barbershop To The People". We Looked Around And Discovered A Way To Accomplish Our Goal. We Flew To The Factory, Talked To The Workers And Customized A Toy Hauler Trailer To Be Built For Efficiency And Cool Comfort.
We Created An Opportunity For Barbers And Stylists To Lead The Way And To Better Serve Their Customers.
We Focus On Quality And Convenience. We Want To Be Your Barber.
Here Is How You Can Get A Cut... And Help Us Grow. Talk To Your HR Department And Tell Them About BuzzBoxBarbers.com
Companies Can Be An Employer Of Choice, Improve On Lost Productivity And Reduce The Carbon Footprint When Staff Leaves The Campus To Find Services.
We Will Come To Your Site... Set Up In Your Parking Lot... And Let The Fun Begin.
You Are Awesome.